Friday, July 29, 2011

Pirate Sails

Ahoy! I'm hosting a pirate party this weekend and put together these sails to go on top of Rice Crispy Treats. There is the tutorial for you!
First take two pieces of printed card stock and cut them in shapes of how you'd like your sails. I made the top one large, and the bottom one a little smaller. You will also need a bamboo stick, scissors and your hot glue gun.
Once you have your sails cut out, you need to cut a piece off leaving the middle section. That will be the piece folding and glued to the bamboo stick.
Next, glue the top piece of your sail to the bamboo stick, letting it completely dry before you glue the bottom piece. Once dried, bend the sail and clue to bottom part to the stick.
Repeat this above step for your bottom sail. Once dry, your sail is complete! Use on a cake, any dessert, or whatever will work for your party! Enjoy!!

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